Women Writers Association

Sahra is the founder of the Puntand Women Writers Association (PWWA, www.pwwa.so) based in Garowe, Puntland where she runs diverse literary activities encouraging women and young girls to express themselves through the power of the written word and through poetry and art.

The Puntland Women Writer Association (PWWA) is a Somalia-wide network of women writers and women artists and cultural gatekeepers. It was officially launched in May of 2014 and has over 140 members active in the mailing list from all over Somalia. PWWA promotes women’s cultural participation through writing and through the provision of a platform where women can express their imagination on poetry, drama, fiction, writing, publishing, attending literary events. PWWA is as an art and cultural organization, as well as a women’s platform advocating for gender equity and social equality for both men and women. Somali women are often absent from the writing circles eventhough they are entitled to their form of poetic performance, albeit with fellow women only.  PWWA is an active member of the African Women Writers Association.

Writing depicts culture. Writing skills development remains the core business of PWWA with an intention to provide a point of public discussion on a number of social issues that affect Somali women. This will then lead to lobbying the relevant authorities and society at large to effect some changes to legislation and social policies which oppress women. To achieve this, PWWA has set itself to engage in several activities which include publishing materials with relevant thematic content, networking with other organizations to lobby for change, and generally influencing change of attitude through literature.

PWWA promotes women contribution to providing access to literature for the women and school youth in by establishing a physical resource corner with books and anthologies written by Somalia women both in and out of the country. In so doing it hopes to amplify Somali women’s voices by recording and documenting their writings using digital technology such as compact discs and tapes, in addition to the traditional written word. PWWA will play a critical role both as an arts and culture organization, as well as a women’s organization advocating for gender equity and social equality for both men and women. Investing in women shouldn’t merely be an argument for equality – it’s also an argument of effectiveness.

You can find PWWA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Puntland-Women-Writers-Association/271873706326131?ref=hl

and on Twitter @PuntlandW

In 2016, she and her husband donated a piece of land in their home to the community to function as a children’s library and creativity center. Check it out here  https://www.facebook.com/Garowe-Childrens-Library-646314602207320/


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