Awards and recognitions

1. In 2013. over 300 students and other young people came together to give an award to Sahra Ahmed Koshin for her leadership and for guiding the students and young people alike at Puntland State University in Garowe.

Daawo/watch here the pictures: GAROOWE: Shahaado sharaf la guddoonsiiyey Drs Sahro Ahmed Koshin (Sawiro)

2. In 2006, Sahra was given the Wulavula Vogel Research Award from the Cultural Anthropology Department in Leiden University for the research she conducted among the Somalis in Mandera.

3. In 2003 and 2004, Sahra initiated and implemented a project that aimed at collecting poems, drawings and stories of  self expressions of Somali children living in refugee camps in the Netherlands. The children who participated in this project awarded Sahra with an award and thanked her for energy, drive and passion. You can find more info on this here

4. In 2002 Sahra Ahmed Koshin was awarded the highly acclaimed Dutch Leadership ECHO-Award by the then Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Minister Hermans in The Hague

5. In 1999 Sahra Ahmed Koshin was the recipient of the prestigious Rabobank Poetry Prize for her poems which she wrote and read in Dutch, Somali and English to an audience of over 300 people which included the Dutch Queen, Beatrix. Sahra is a celebrated poet and has so far published 3 poetry books.


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