My dear Somali sister, use the power within you

On this International Women’s Day (#IWD2016), I send this message to Somali women.


My dear Somali sister

Do not wait for someone to “empower” you

You have to reach out.

And reach within.

Deep inside.

And use the power.

That is already there

Within you.

Inside you.


My dear Somali sister

When someone gives you power

Don’t you know that

They can take that power

Back from you

Away from you?

And then what do you do?

Where do you find your power, again?


My dear Somali sister.

Find the power yourself

Inside you

Unleash your power within

Your own power.

Nobody can take that

Power away from you.

It is yours. To keep. Now and forever


My dear Somali sister

Blaming others isn’t powerful.

It puts you and the ones after you

In a vicious cycle of self pity.

And victimization

It is destructive and dis-empowering


My dear Somali sister.

Break all limits

Free your mind. Believe in yourself

Believe in the possibilities.

And you will see, my dear Somali sister.

That the possibilities will reveal themselves to you.

So start freeing your mind

Utilize the power of your own mind

Launch your own success


My dear Somali sister.

On this International Women’s Day

I am wishing all Somali women

Success and best wishes

In freeing their mind

In finding their power within

In realizing ther full potential



And always.


#IWD2016 #Pledgingforparity #Somalia #Somali #women


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