Fallen (s)heroes, fallen colleagues ‪#‎UNICEF‬

Sahro Ahmed Koshin - Exploring, Researching and Documenting Gender Issues in Somalia.

I can not pretend.

As though I am OK.

I am not.

How can anything be OK?

How can anything be ever the same?

After that killing spree.

After loosing so many colleagues.

After that tragedy in Garowe.

How can we pretend as though nothing has happened?

And be expected to go about doing same old things?

I am traumatized.

I am in mourning.

I need healing.

I want to shout.


I want to beat.

Hurt someone.

I am mad.

I cry for our fallen colleagues.

I cry for Woki with whom i closely worked with the past 4 years.

I think of all the good work you she did in Somalia.

Good work on girls education.

I cry for Brenda. For Stephen and for Payenda.

I cry for our soldiers who were killed protecting our people.

I mourn our fallen heroes and sheroes.

I saw the pictures of…

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