We Have Dreamed Many Dreams For Somalia: A Poem For My Somali Brothers and Sisters Resolutely Fighting For The Somali Cause

We have dreamed many dreams that never came true.

We watched them painfully vanish at every dawn.

But we have realized enough dreams for Somalia.

To make us want to keep dreaming on.

We have prayed many prayers for Somalia even when no answers came.

Though we waited long and patient.

But answers have come to enough of our prayers.

To make us want to keep praying on.

We have trusted many friends that failed us.

And left us to suffer and weep alone.

But we found enough of our friends to be true.

To make us want to keep trusting on.

We have sown many seeds in many hearts and minds.

But they fell along the way for the birds to feed upon amidst the ever crushing weight of death and destruction.

But we have harvested enough golden fruits and held them long enough in our hands.

To make us want to keep sowing on.

We have drained the cup of disappointment and illusion and gone many days without birdsong nor the sounds of laughter.

From children at play and the uplifting smile of a Somali mother.

But we have sipped enough nectar from the roses of our lives.

To make us want to keep living on

Fighting on for the Somali cause.


To my Somali brothers and sisters working for the Somali cause: Keep fighting. Keep hoping. Keep believing and most importantly keep loving.

I am proud to be a Somali. I know you are too.

Soomaaliya Hanoolato. Ameen Ya Rabb.


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