I taught myself to write!

I guess this cartoon drawing sums it all up well. I can so relate to this message; in my poem #self #taught #poetry

For more info and inspiration go here http://www.kickass-creatives.com/help-im-100-self-taught-is-it-a-disadvantage-for-an-artist/
Happy reading…

I’m 100% self-taught… I’m proud of what I’m doing but do feel l’m at somewhat of a disadvantage. Any suggestions on how I can raise my game … ?

First off, congratulations on being ‘self-taught’. It takes real determination and commitment to teach yourself. You know, sometimes I think that going to college to ‘be taught’ is the easy option. So don’t undervalue what you’ve already achieved.

What is a proper artist anyway?

Unlike many other career paths, there is no official licence or credential that makes you an artist. If you create (and sometimes even if you don’t!) then by definition you’re an artist.

But I understand how difficult it can be to give yourself that title (or feel like you can live up to it). But not all artists go to art school, and in some areas of the arts, formal training is a positive no-no. Much more likely to hamper your chances, than enhance them.

If you look at Graffiti and Outsider Art, you’ll find two huge art movements which positively advocate the self-taught approach. And it’s not unusual for very high end galleries to hold sell-out exhibitions in both of these genres.

So being self-taught might actually be to your advantage (honestly!).

Tell your story … be you

There’s hundreds of thousands of amazing creative people old there. But you have something different to them. Something unique.

Your own personal story about the journey you mapped out for yourself:
– What challenges did you face?
– What obstacles have you overcome?
– How did you go about teaching yourself?
– What advice would you give to others who are just starting out?

Use it as part of your marketing strategy – tell people your story. Put it in your publicity materials and in the About section of your website and Facebook page.

Really make it a unique selling point that works for you (not against you).

Good luck with it and please keep me posted on your progress.

Bev 🙂

P.S. You also might like to take a quick look back at a couple of recent posts: ‘You should be proud to be an amateur’ and ‘Could you be a professional artist with realising it?’


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