Shades of skin

We are all different, but yet the same.
We all have feelings, we all feel pain.
We all have needs, the desire to be loved.
And most of us pray-to an almighty power above.
Does it really mater – I mean the shade of our skin.
Can it sometimes influence how we feel within?.
For instance, if we are faced with say – different food.
We’ll question, turn our nose up and sometimes be rude!.
Some cultures are accepting, its OK to be late.
For others, this can turn to resentment and hate.
The Dutch, they grieve silently, other cultures rant and wail.
The Scots prefer kilts, the Indians burn.
And who can other really tell the difference.
Between an Ethiopian and an Eritrean.
There’s a multitude of words we use to greet each other.
Mummy, Mum, Mere, Ma, Mama, they all mean Mother.
Rice and peas, paella and chapatti, lasagna and chips
Equally delicious, but all bad for the hips!
But are we really more understanding – than say in days of old?
When to integrate with another, one had to be bold.
Can we really cast aside the difference of another’s creed.
Or is it just rhetoric, it sounds good, it hides human greed.
I think we all acknowledge, and there is nothing wrong.
In accepting those of like, share a sense of belong.
But there is one thing that’s certain.
We all share.
The uniqueness of humankind.


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