As Somali presidents and politicians.

Enjoy popular patriotism.

And travel far away.

Attending ‘peace process’ confrontments.

In luxurious air-conditioned apartments.

In London, Istanbul and Addis Ababa.

Shaking protocol polite-hands.

At lengthy polished tables.

They give demented destroying commands.

Smiles on their face. Distrust in their hearts.

Yet the violence, the lootings and the killings go on.

On the ground.

As Somali politicians and presidents enjoy power and fame.

And as mutual signatures and agreements are signed.

With laced smiles and suspicion.

A deadline has been set to disarm, to unite.

And cause others and each other no more harm.

But the slaughter acts are still carried out.

And women and children.

Fall prey to their aftermath.

But who is to tell.

Our so-called leaders that it is.

With the heart and consent.

You make a promise.

And not with protocol-polite hands.


One thought on “Protocol-polite-hands

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