LIVE your life

A wise old woman, said once to me, LIVE your life BEFORE you’re DEAD.

Enjoy it whilst you can, it’s a precious gift and it’s your ONLY one!

Take each moment day by day, live your life in your OWN way.

Spend your time the best you can, don’t be a mouse, be A DOVE.

Have fun, make friends and take your time, don’t be a lemon, be a LIME.

Make sure that when your time has come, your life has been A FRUITFUL one.

Filled with moments precious and true, so people will remember YOU.

And, at your funeral, they will say, we’ve all lost a GOOD FRIEND today!

You’ll know it was all worth while, when they think of you and start To SMILE.

Yep, that’s how I’d like to die, not down on my luck but on a HIGH.

And, with no regrets, I’d say to you, that’s just What I am going TO DO.


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